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We offer 3 distinct types of services:

#1: Converting a carport to a GARAGE

The majority of people visiting our site are primarily interested just in a single renovation: enclosing a carport to convert it to a garage. If you have no other renovations in mind and you simply want a fully enclosed garage built as a replacement for your existing carport, then click CONVERTING TO A GARAGE.

#2: Converting a carport to a ROOM

Occasionally, people with an attached carport wish to add more interior space to their home. So, they basically want our contractors to legally build a home addition out of a carport. However, if you just want a "mixed use" space that is legally a garage, click option A above. If you want the carport to legally become interior space (even if you want other renovations like the construction of a new carport elsewhere on your property), then click here now: CONVERTING TO A ROOM ADDITION. (That page is written for people who have a garage and want to convert it in to something else, which is almost the same as when starting with a carport.)

#3: RENOVATIONS + a new garage

If you do want to convert your carport to a garage, although that is just one item within a list of renovations that ideally you would like to all have handled by one contractor, then click this link and provide us some details of the different renovations that you are considering: MULTIPLE RENOVATIONS. (Note that our renovation estimators can EITHER give you independent estimates for each specific renovation that you would like to have done OR a single bid for the entire set of home improvements- like what you might need in order to take to a loan officer when applying for a 203k loan).

FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions)

"How will you estimate the cost for converting my carport to a garage?"

"If I am not sure whether or not I should have my carport enclosed, what benefits can I expect from hiring your contractors for the carport conversion?"

"What specific steps can I take to quickly and precisely identify the best company for me to hire to perform my carport conversion?"

"How fast can you start and how long until my new garage is built?"

"Do you offer financing? Will you help with planning & permits?"