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If you plan to convert
your carport to a
garage, read this
page. If you want to
your convert your
carport to a room,
click here.

Converting your carport to a garage: how close are you to starting?


"I am not sure yet whether or not I want to convert the carport to a garage. First, I'd like to get informed about basic issues (like the typical costs to build a garage from out of a carport), then maybe to browse some before and after pictures of carports converted to garages."


"I do plan to enclose my carport. However, first, I have at least one specific question that I'd like to ask an expert, like about building permits, financing, property insurance, or smoke detectors. (Or, what I would really like is to learn what it would cost to add a particular feature to my plans for a new garage, such as a side entry door, a garage door with windows, an extra-high roof, or some other detail)."


"I'm already finished with the basic feasibility planning and I am almost ready to go. Basically, I just need to select which contractor I will hire for the conversion of the carport in to a garage. Take me directly to where I can contact an estimator (plus receive a link to audio testimonials, written testimonials, and before and after pictures of carport-to-garage conversions)."